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Awards and Prizes

Scientific awards for young scientists can have various functions: A prize for a thesis or a dissertation is often the trigger to start a scientific career in the first place. At the same time, winning a prize quite early certainly attracts attention when applying for initial funding and can significantly increase the chances of success. The same applies to participation in highly renowned network meetings. Often, the prize money is directly tied to a scientific purpose in specific disciplines and thus classic research funding. The prestigious top prizes prior to professorship are usually addressed to young scientists who already developed an independent academic profile and support the establishment of a scientific career.

One thing all awards have in common: they significantly support the development of a scientific career and increase the chances of success when it comes to the acquisition of third-party funded projects. 

With this spirit, a selection of prizes, awards and renowned (competitive) network meetings for all career stages in the postdoctoral phase as well as some important dissertation prizes are listed below. (Further research possibilities can be found here: Own Funding Research).


Important awards for young scientists

Heinz Maier-Leibnitz Prize
DFG | annual, upon proposal | 20.000 EUR | all Postdocs | Further information
Alfried Krupp-Prize for young university instructors (natural and life science)
A. Krupp v. Bohlen und Halbach-Stiftung | annual, upon proposal | 1 Mio. EUR | existing professorship, age: max. 38 years | Further information (only in german)
Leopoldina Early Career Award
Leopoldina | every second year, upon proposal | 30.000 EUR | Postdoctorates with outstanding performance in one of the Leopoldina-fields | Further information
Friedmund Neumann Prize (for basic research in biology, organic chemistry or human medicine)
Schering Stiftung | annual, nomination deadline: 06.02.2022 | 10.000 EUR | young Postdocs | Further information
Liliane Bettencourt Prize for Life Science
Fondation Bettencourt Schueller | annual, upon proposal | 300.000 EUR | renowned european Postdocs, age: max. 45 years | Further information
Berliner Wissenschaftspreis – Nachwuchspreis
Berlin | annual, upon proposal | 10.000 EUR | renowned Postdocs, age: max. 35 years | Further information
Einstein Foundation Award for Promoting Quality in Research - Early Career Award
Einstein Foundation Berlin | application deadline: 31.03.2022 | 100.000 EUR | young Postdocs, max. 5 years independent research | Further information
Ernst Schering Prize
Ernst Schering Research Foundation | annual, nomination deadline: 06.02.2022 | 50.000 EUR |  outstanding research in biology, medicine or chemistry | Further information
Forschungsverbund Berlin e.V. | annual, nomination deadline: 31.05.2022 | 3.000 EUR | young, female postdoctorates who received the best grade for their after 31.05.2020 finished doctorate in Berlin-Brandenburg | Further information
Science Competition „Forum Junge Spitzenforschung“
Stiftung Industrieforschung and the Berlin universities | Application Deadline: 22nd October 2021 | in total 30.000 EUR | Junior scientists (m/f/d) | Topic: Future Energy Supply | Further information
Freie Universität Berlin - Dahlem Research School | Application Deadline: 15. May 2022 | max. 4.000 EUR | Dissertation with top grade at a Berlin University | Further information (only in german)

Prizes of the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

PhD Award Adlershof
HU and partners | annual, upon proposal | 3.000 EUR | directly after the dissertation (latest 18 months) | Further information
Humboldt Prize
HU | annual, upon proposal | 3.000 EUR | directly after the doctorate | Further information
Caroline von Humboldt Prize for female postdocs
HU | annual, upon proposal | 15.000 EUR | female, max. 7 years after the doctorate | Further information

Renowned Network Meetings

Membership Junge Akademie
BBAW and Leopoldina | annual, upon proposal | 3-7 years after the doctorate | Further information
Berlin der Begegnung - Genshagener Kreis
Genshagener Kreis Berlin e.V. | annual, upon proposal | individual | Further information (only in german)