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RSS feeds from Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

Humboldt-Universität makes current announcements and news available via RSS feeds. You can select the information you prefer here. 

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  • Feed - the content of RSS feeds. The link takes you to the website where this is displayed.
  • Feed URL - the direct link to the feed (RSS 2.0). Clicking on this will add it to your default application. However, you can also copy the addresses into other programs. We have compiled some options below. 

What is RSS?

RSS stands for ‘Really Simple Syndication’ and offers a way of receiving current news via the internet. These subscriptions - known as RSS feeds - are automatically retrieved and can be displayed within websites, as automatically created bookmarks, or using special programs. Users decide on the form they wish to use.

Receiving RSS feeds


Current versions of popular browsers are able to handle RSS feeds. No additional programs are required - just click on the feed address and it is integrated into the browser.

Popular browsers with RSS support

RSS programs

RSS feeds can be retrieved and displayed using special programs known as feedreaders.

For further information on feedreaders, see Wikipedia