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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

Division Research Funding

The Division Research Funding informs and advises the researchers of HU Berlin on the acquisition of third-party funding projects from national, European and international research funding programs and supports them in applying for individual and cooperative research projects. In addition, the division supports the university' s executive board in all matters concerning research strategy and institutional proposals.


 Head of Division Research Funding 

Dr. Christoph Raiser
E-Mail: christoph.raiser@uv.hu-berlin.de
Phone: (030) 2093-12930


Research Advisor DFG

Responsibilities Person
Research Training Groups, Major Instrumentation Kerstin Klug
Collaborative Research Centers Dr. Magdalena Zürner
Research Units, Individual Research Grants Dr. Maria Abad Andrade
Heisenberg-Program, Emmy-Noether-Program Dr. Christoph Raiser
Further funding formats Kerstin Klug
  Dr. Maria Abad Andrade


Research Advisor Foundations, Federal & State Funding

Responsibilities Person
Federal Ministries & state funding Dr. Carsten Gerrits
Federal Ministries & state funding, Foundations Dr. Maria Abad Andrade
Foundations Dr. Christoph Raiser


Research Advisor EU

Responsibilities Person
EU-Research Framework Program Dr. Caroline Schleier


Research Advisor Science Awards

Responsibilities Person
Science Awards Dr. Valerie Popp


Research Advisor Postdoc Consulting

Responsibilities Person
Postdoc Consulting Dr. Valerie Popp