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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

Division Research Funding

The Division Research Funding informs and advises the researchers of HU Berlin on the acquisition of third-party funding projects from national, European and international research funding programs and supports them in applying for individual and cooperative research projects. In addition, the division supports the university' s executive board in all matters concerning research strategy and institutional proposals.


 Head of Division Research Funding 

Dr. Christoph Raiser
E-Mail: christoph.raiser@uv.hu-berlin.de
Phone: (030) 2093-12930


Research Advisor DFG

Responsibilities Person
Research Training Groups, Major Instrumentation Kerstin Klug
Collaborative Research Centers Dr. Magdalena Zürner
Research Units, Individual Research Grants Dr. Maria Abad Andrade
Heisenberg-Program, Emmy-Noether-Program Dr. Christoph Raiser
Further funding formats Kerstin Klug
  Dr. Maria Abad Andrade


Research Advisor Foundations, Federal & State Funding

Responsibilities Person
Federal Ministries & state funding Dr. Carsten Gerrits
Federal Ministries & state funding, Foundations Dr. Maria Abad Andrade
Foundations, Einstein Foundation Dr. Christoph Raiser


Research Advisor EU

Responsibilities Person
ERC and Collaborative Research (Horizon Europe) Dr. Caroline Schleier
MSCA (Horizon Europe) Ravindranath Constantin Somaratne


Research Advisor Science Awards

Responsibilities Person
Science Awards Dr. Valerie Popp


Research Advisor Postdoc Consulting

Responsibilities Person
Postdoc Consulting Dr. Valerie Popp