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Research Service Centre (SZF) - Overview

The Research Service Centre (SZF) is the central point of contact at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin for all matters relating to research - from initial information on funding opportunities to the administration of third-party funded projects and the exploitation of results for society and industry.

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The SZF on the intranet

The services offered to researchers at the HU and all related content have been moved to the intranet "Humboldt Intern". You will find the Research Service Centre under "Service für Forschende" - we would be delighted if you subscribe to our site! You can reach the intranet with just one click at
Intranet short url:


Support in applying for and implementing third-party funded projects

1. Project preparation and application

We offer researchers comprehensive advice and support in acquiring third-party funding with the aim of better tapping national and international funding sources. Please visit the SZF pages on the intranet (registration required).

To the Devision Research Funding: Link

Research Funding (Intranet): Link

2. Project support

We administer third-party funded projects with maximum efficiency and minimum administrative effort.

To the Division Research Funding Administration and Controlling: Link

Project Administration & -Controlling: Overview Responsiblities: Link

Project dministration (Intranet): Link

3. Utilisation of results

We support scientists with structures and services to make the research results obtained accessible to society and the economy.

To the Division Innovation and Transfer: Link

Information on innovation and transfer on this website: Link

Information on Innovation and Transfer (Intranet): Link

Ongoing support

The three central offers are rounded off by further services

Legal issues

Advice and support on legal issues relating to research

To the Legal Affairs Unit: Link

Support for cooperations and contracts (Intranet): Link

Support for the Clusters of Excellence

The Clusters of Excellence staff unit is a permanent contact for the HU's current clusters: To the Unit for Clusters of Excellence: Link

Research Information System (HU-FIS)

Operation of the research information system (HU-FIS) and the associated research monitoring.

Unit for Research Information and Monitoring: Link

Search in the research information system: Link

Overview of the research information system with instructions (Intranet): Link

Good academic practice

The SZF provides a comprehensive information portal for information on good academic practice: Link


A HU-specific offer on OpenIRIS is being developed for the optimal utilisation of existing research infrastructure. First information: Link


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