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+++ All courses will  take place ONLINE in the summer term 2021+++


Humboldt Startup Workshops

You want to be your own boss, but don't have an idea how? You already have a start-up idea, but don't know how to implement it? Your business model is already set and you want to finally start implementing it? Students of all disciplines and semesters can experience the basics of business model development and company formation learning-by-doing in our ÜWP modules.
In your own project you can go through all the steps from the first idea to the complete business plan. In addition, you will learn everything that is important about setting up a company. But even if you don't have a concrete idea yet, you will find the start on the way to your own company with us. You can also work on a project together as a team.


from September 13th, 2021 (2-week course)
Humboldt Startupwerkstatt 1: Finding ideas for start-up and self-employment
ÜWP module, 5LP, module description: 9581 or MA1621.
In the first module you will find out what entrepreneurship and design thinking mean. We help you to systematically search for ideas for your own business and to develop them creatively.

from April 13th, 2021 (weekly during the semester)
Humboldt Startupwerkstatt 2: Developing Business Models and Products
ÜWP module, 5LP, module description: 9562 or MA1607
In the second module you can develop your existing start-up idea into a mature business model with a corresponding product and subject both to a first practical test.

from winter semester 2021/22
Humboldt Startup Workshop 3: Planning and Preparing a Startup
ÜWP module, 5LP
The final module of the Humboldt Startup Workshops gives you the opportunity to develop your own startup project until it is ready for implementation. We accompany you on the way to the business plan.

from April 15, 2021 (weekly during the semester)
Humboldt Future Workshop - Startups for Future!
ÜWP module, 5LP, module description: 9564 or MA1608
Under the motto "Founding against climate change" you will develop new products, services and business ideas for a sustainable economy as your contribution to solving the problems of climate change.

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