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Archaeology and Cultural Studies

Please note: This degree programme is being phased out. From the winter semester 2014/15 it will no longer be possible to apply for the first semester.


Mono-bachelor, Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) - Please also note that HU also offers combined bachelor’s courses in Northeast African Archaeology and Cultural Studies, Greek and Roman Archaeology and Cultural Studies. For more, see our ’Bachelor’s and master’s courses at HU’ FAQ.

Standard time for completing course

6 semesters

Start of study

Winter semester only, with numerus clausus

Course structure

Mono-bachelor Archaeology and Cultural Studies: 130 credit points (CP)1
choosing one of three profile areas:

  • Northeast African Archaeology and Cultural Studies or
  • Greek and Roman Archaeology or
  • Cultural Studies

Minor field: 20 CP (excluded: Cultural Studies, Northeast African Archaeology and Cultural Studies and Greek and Roman Archaeology)
Career-related additional qualification module: 30 CP

1 One credit point (CP) is calculated to equate to a workload of 25 to max. 30 hours for preparation, follow-up and attendance at lectures.

Course objectives

The course is designed to help students acquire scientific skills in independent, competent investigations of cultures, their history, their structures and their artefacts. This includes the historical, systematic, analytical/critical and practical skills required to work in concept- and knowledge-oriented professions as a part of regional or comparative cultural work of all kinds.
Successful completion of the Archaeology and Cultural Studies course qualifies graduates for professions requiring historico-systematic reflection in the fields of education and knowledge transfer, cultural and artistic production, editing, public relations, consulting and of course research and science.  The Archaeology and Cultural Studies bachelor’s course offers students on the course the opportunity to contribute to research and development projects independently and at an early stage.

Course content

The best place to find information about course content is the annotated lecture catalogue. It is online at You’ll find module descriptions, the course curriculum and other details in the course and examination regulations, available online at, no. 61/2006.

Basic studies (1st - 2nd semesters)

TMC mandatory module: Theories, methods, canon (20 CP)

SP mandatory module: Study practice (10 CP)

Advanced studies (3rd - 6th semesters)

6 modules from a selected primary profile area:

  • North African Archaeology and Cultural Studies or
  • Greek and Roman Archaeology or
  • Cultural Studies

1 module from one of the profile areas not selected

2 modules freely selected from all three profile areas

Bachelor’s thesis (10 CP) on a topic from the selected primary profile area


Minor field (20 CP)


Career-related additional qualification (30 CP)

In particular: subject-related project events and excursions, writing courses, didactic and practical media courses, work as a tutor, work in university committees, work in the Humboldt-Universität collections and on research projects, language courses, courses on interdisciplinary skills such as rhetoric and presentation, and courses to acquire legal and economic skills. We recommended that students supplement this by internships, particularly in the fields of film, theatre, museums, archaeology, politics and science. catapult - internships at PhilFak III ( will support you.

Profile area Northeast African Archaeology and Cultural Studies

Mandatory subjects

Module AKNOA 1: Sources and their interpretation

Module AKNOA 2: Fundamentals of the languages of Northeast Africa

Elective modules (4 of the 7 modules must be completed)

Module AKNOA 3: Cultural history of Northeast Africa

Module AKNOA 4: Social structures

Module AKNOA 5: Northeast African archaeology: synchronic

Module AKNOA 6: Northeast African archaeology: diachronic

Module AKNOA 7: Ancient Egyptian

Module AKNOA 8: Northeast African written records

Module AKNOA 9: Research perspectives (advanced; recommended for 2nd half of course)

Profile area Greek and Roman Archaeology

Mandatory subjects

Module ARCH 1: Material culture of Antiquity in real-life contexts I: Until the beginning of the Christian era

Module ARCH 2: Material culture of Antiquity in real-life contexts I: Imperial era

Module ARCH 3: Diachronic transformations

Module ARCH 4: Practical and theoretical approaches in archaeology

Module ARCH 5: Structure and the individual

Module ARCH 6: Iconology


Elective modules

Module ARCH 7: Aegean Bronze Age

Module ARCH 8: Archaeology of the Roman provinces

Module ARCH 9: Archaeology and society

Students without any knowledge of Latin must demonstrate Latin language skills amounting to 20 CP during the course, which they can acquire as part of elective modules (= module ARCH 10) or the career-related additional qualification.

Profile area Cultural Studies

Mandatory subjects

Module KUWI 1: Subject matter: texts, images, objects and operations

Module KUWI 2: Perception – imagination – corpora

Module KUWI 3: Techniques – practices – materialisations

Module KUWI 4: Epistemes – structures – media


Elective modules (2 of the 3 advanced modules must be completed)

Module KUWI 5: Advanced Perception – imagination – corpora

Module KUWI 6: Advanced techniques – practices – materialisations

Module KUWI 7: Advanced epistemes – structures – media


Afterwards, depending on the profile area you selected, you can apply for the Northeast African Archaeology and Cultural Studies (s., no. 79/2007), Classical Archaeology (s., no. 22/2009) or Cultural Studies (s. no. 31/200826/2010) master’s course at HU. You’ll find information on these and other master’s courses in the ‘Course catalogue’.

Important addresses

Department of Archaeology/Section Egyptology and Northeast African Archaeology, Mohrenstr. 40/41 (4th floor),, Tel. +49 30 2093-98100
Study Counselling and approval and classification in higher semester: Dr. Kammerzell, Tel. +49 30 2093-98100/98103, fkammerzell[at]; Ms. Lincke, M.A., Tel. +49 30 2093-98107, eslincke[at]

Department of Archaeology/Section Classical Archaeology, Unter den Linden 6, R. 2082,, Tel. +49 30 2093-2265
Study Counselling and approval and classification in higher semester: Dr. Altekamp, Tel. +49 30 2093-2040, stefan.altekamp[at]


Department of Cultural History and Theory, Georgenstr. 47, 4th floor,, Tel. +49 30 2093-66292
Study Counselling: Dr. Brohm, R. 4.39, Tel. +49 30 2093-8226, holger.brohm[at]

Approval and classification in higher semester: Dr. May, R. 4.21, Tel. +49 30 2093-8249, rainhard.may[at]
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