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Changing university or resuming the same degree programme at HU

Version: May 2024

Are you considering changing university or resuming a degree programme you interrupted?

If you do not wish to continue with the same degree programme as before, but would like to choose a different degree programme, a different combination of subjects, a different degree than before, the information given here does not apply to you. Please use the information on "Change of subject or course" instead!

If you are still considering the pros and cons and have unanswered questions, we recommend that you make an appointment with the Counselling Service.

If you have made your final decision, the following suggestions may help you put your idea into practice.

First of all please refer to the HU ’Course catalogue’ to see

  • whether your degree programme is available at the HU,
  • whether your combination of subjects is possible,
  • whether you satisfy the admission requirements, e.g. for subjects such as Sports Science or English,
  • whether the respective semester for your (entire) degree programme is offered in the winter or summer semester at HU.

Can I simply register for the next semester up?

  • For a change of university (see definition above) or the resumption of a discontinued course of study, you must provide evidence of academic and examination achievements that allow you to be placed in at least a 2nd semester. It is not possible to reapply for the 1st semester of your previous degree program.

What are my chances of getting on the course?

  • If the subject has no capacity restrictions (numerus clausus*), you are guaranteed to get a place if you meet the classification criteria. This only applies to a few subjects at HU.
  • For subjects with capacity restrictions, which applies to most courses at HU, there is no guarantee you will get a place on your desired course. No one can predict how many places can be awarded and how many applicants with what qualifications will compete for those places. It may be the case that all applicants get a place. If there are more applications than places we rely on a selection process. Here, the selection criteria are course and examination performance and social circumstances. Your German university admission qualification (Abitur) average grade (or equivalent qualification) and waiting semesters are no longer relevant. On combined courses, you need to be accepted on both the core subject and secondary subject in order to continue your studies.
  • Please note that application and enrolment are subject to deadlines: Application and matriculation deadlines.

*Statements on the numerus clausus (NC) can be found in the current Course catalogue.

What else do I need to know?

Please check whether any of the following circumstances apply to you and make sure you resolve any associated issues as early as possible.

  • If you are a foreign student, special admission or residence regulations may apply to you. Please refer to the Initial counselling for foreign students office for information.
  • If you are being funded (BAföG, foundation, or bank loan), you need to know and obey the rules relating to changing universities or resuming your studies. Otherwise you may jeopardise your funding.
  • If you do not meet the general university admission criteria and are only permitted to study on a subject-specific basis, you should inquire at HU-International Office to find out whether you can also take your desired course in Berlin (more information, in German).
  • If you are considering changing universities in the subject of Law, please refer to the Notes of the Faculty of Law.

Can I get any support?

You will probably want to inform yourself in good time of what requirements you need to satisfy to study at the HU. You can get advice on managing the content of your ongoing studies from the Study Counselling Service and the Student Advisory Centre.

Please also refer to the following FAQ:

Bachelor’s and master’s courses,

Teacher training programme (if applicable).


Note: For information on medical programmes please contact Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin, Referat Studienangelegenheiten, Virchowweg 24, 10098 Berlin, Hotline +49 30/450-576042, Internet:

Compass. The central Information Service

Initial counselling for international applicants

Counselling Service

Social Counselling for students

Student Services Berlin, BAföG Office (BAföG: Federal Education and Training Funding Act)

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