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Studying for a second undergraduate degree

Information as from May 20, 2019

You are interested in studying for a second undergraduate degree at Humboldt-Universität?

The term "second undergraduate degree programme" (Zweitstudium) usually applies if a student enrolls on an undergraduate programme from the very beginning after previously completing a degree programme in a different subject at a German/European higher education institution. 

Please do not confuse a second undergraduate degree programme

  • with studying on two degree programmes at the same time (Doppelstudium). Cf. leaflet Studying for two degrees.
  • with a Master's programme, which you take up after completing a Bachelor's programme or after taking an equivalent academic degree.

If you wish to embark on a second undergraduate degree programme at Humboldt, we refer you to

What is the charge on a course for a second undergraduate degree?

Studying on first degree programmes at Humboldt is generally free of charge. The regulation is applicable also if someone wishes to take up a second undergraduate degree programme.

What is the application procedure like?

Please use the online application. For online applications for a degree programme at Humboldt, please check the information on

How are study places on second undergraduate degree programmes allocated?

  • The average final grade of the secondary school certificate and the waiting time before admission are not taken into account.
  • Four per cent of study places are available for those applying for second undergraduate degree programmes, which means programmes with little capacity may have only one free place for them. If applications outnumber available study places, applicants will be ranked.

The ranking is based on the following criteria and point scale:

  • Results obtained in the final examination for the degree taken previously,
  • the candidate's reasons for taking up a second undergraduate degree programme.

Points for reasons will be given as follows: urgent professional reasons - 9 points; scientific reasons - 7-11 points; special professional reasons - 7 points; other professional reasons - 4 points; none of these reasons - 1 point.

You are not really sure if in your case your application is for a second undergraduate degree programme?

In this case, please note the following additional information:

Your educational qualification is considered to be a completed undergraduate degree programme, if you have

  1. already taken a degree from a German or European higher education institution1,
  2. completed the study programme on the date of application and
  3. received a Final Certificate2. If within the application period you have not yet received the Final Certificate, please submit an application including your secondary education final certificate for a first undergraduate programme.

Please note finally

A pass in the Final Examination at a university of applied sciences (Fachhochschule) is accepted as university entrance qualification (Allgemeine Hochschulreife).

1 Institutions of higher education must be officially recognised. They include universities, Gesamthochschulen, colleges of education, colleges of music, of arts, or of sports, higher education institutions of the Bundeswehr or the churches, universities of applied sciences, Fachhochschulen for public administration, the Berliner Berufsakademie and the Duale Hochschule Baden-Württemberg.
Not included are: Berufsakademien of other German Bundesländer (except DHBW, please check with Studierendenservice), precursor institutions of the universities of applied sciences as well as technical and engineering colleges (Höhere Fachschulen).

2 Including certificates of Final Examinations for Bachelor's and Master's degrees as well as for Magister, Diplom and similar academic qualifications, of State Examinations, e.g. the First State Examination in Law and in Teacher Training, the Third Examination in Medicine,  of the Final Examination at a university of applied sciences. For formal reasons, higher education examinations taken under the law of the German Democratic Republic prior to 1st October 1991, are not recognized. In this case you are requested to submit an application for an ordinary first degree programme.

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