Excellence Initiative

Unifying Concepts of Catalysis

<p><span style="" lang="EN-GB">In this Cluster of Excellence chemists,
biologists, physicists and engineers are concerned with the challenges
of the efficient utilization of energy and material resources. Their
research aims to integrate concepts of classical and surface chemistry
with the creative use of natural and artificial enzyme systems and with
advanced methods of reaction technology and biotechnology. The
institutions involved in the Cluster include not only the three
universities in Berlin and the Fritz Haber Institute of the Max Planck
Society but also Potsdam University and a number of research
institutions from the Berlin-Brandenburg region as well as various
industrial partners.</span></p>

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<h3>Coordinating Institution</h3>

<p>Technische Universität Berlin (Humboldt participation)<br />
Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Matthias Driess</p>

<h3>Further Information</h3>

<ul type="disc">
<li>Web: <span class="link-external"><a

<li>Humboldt, Edition 4 2007/2008:<br />
<span class="link-external"><a
Traumhafte Verbindungen. Im Exzellenzcluster „UniCat“ wird nach
Katalysatoren geforscht</a></span> (Fantastic Links. <span style=""
lang="EN-GB">Research into Catalysts in the “UniCat“ Cluster of
Exellence“) <acronym><span style="" comic="comic" sans="sans">[PDF] (in

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