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Cutting-Edge Research with Tradition

For nearly 200 years, Humboldt-Universität has been recognized in Germany and around the world as a beacon of cutting-edge research and as an institution of first-class academic training. Founded as a universitas litterarum , Humboldt-Universität was the impetus for university reform, pioneering many new disciplines and introducing the principle of unity between teaching and research. Throughout its history, the university has attracted a large number of outstanding scientists, among them 29 Nobel Prize winners.
However, the university's reputation is not just based on its past achievements. Following German reunification the university went through an extraordinary process of reorganization that also influenced its research profile. Humboldt-Universität today covers three campuses, each reflecting a distinct research profile. The traditional campus around the main building on “Unter den Linden” houses the humanities and the social sciences, while the biological and life sciences campus is situated in Berlin-Mitte near the Charité. In the 1990s, we created a new campus for the mathematical and science departments in Berlin-Adlershof, which also houses twelve non-university research institutions and numerous high-tech companies.