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Current questions and related answers regarding the restricted mode at Humboldt-Universität.

Questions and Answers




Teaching & Studying


How will the winter semester 2022/23 take place?

  • In principle, the coming winter semester will take place in attendance. The decision to hold a course in hybrid or digital form (this also includes continuing education courses) is made on the basis of didactic-methodological criteria and in consideration of infection control by the lecturer in agreement with the respective dean's office to take into account cross-course organisational aspects.




Work on site


What rules do staff members currently have to observe?

All Corona service regulations are suspended. In particular, the mask requirement as well as all legal SARS-CoV-2-specific regulations are no longer applicable. Notwithstanding this, it is desirable that everyone continues to show solidarity and continue practised and proven infection control measures on their own responsibility. It is still recommended to wear a mask wherever the minimum distance cannot be maintained or several people work together for long periods of time.


Is it possible to be tested for Corona at the HU?

With the expiry of the Corona Occupational Health and Safety Ordinance, Humboldt-Universität no longer offers free rapid tests (citizen tests) until further notice. Exception: Students may continue to be tested free of charge at Humboldt-Universität's rapid test centres in Mitte and Adlershof as part of their attendance studies. The student ID must be presented as proof of attendance at an attendance event.

Employees have the option of being tested at their own expense at the centres in Mitte and Adlershof, which are close to their place of work.

Since 30 June 2022, symptomless persons are no longer entitled to free testing without a reason. You can find out which people are still entitled to a free rapid test on the website of the Senate Chancellery of the Governing Mayor of Berlin.

Website of the Senate Chancellery

Further information on the rapid test centres


What distance and hygiene rules apply at the HU?

The distance and hygiene rules are currently being revised and will be published as soon as possible.


How is disinfectant provided?

Sanitary facilities with water, soap and drying facilities are available in all HU buildings. Thus, according to the recommendations of the RKI, the conditions are sufficiently met to wash one's hands in accordance with the hygiene guidelines.

In addition, the HU provides disinfectant for hand and surface disinfection in 500 ml bottles for areas where this is absolutely necessary for work reasons.

Distribution: The disinfectant is provided in 500 ml bottles with hinged lids. The bottles are marked as the property of HU. For the initial provision of disinfectants for areas where this is mandatory, the faculty/institute heads appoint a contact person.

Please report the name, address, telephone number and the type of disinfectant required (hand or surface disinfection) to the Occupational Health and Safety Department for this contact person.

Please contact: if required.

For the initial supply, 500 ml bottles with hinged lids will be delivered directly to the designated contact person. The contact persons will take over further distribution.


Replacement of empty disinfectant bottles will be done through the following locations:

- Centre: Security Guard Main Building (Unter den Linden 6)/ Security Guard Campus North (Philippstr. 13).

- Adlershof: Hazardous materials warehouse/Institute of Chemistry

- Dahlem: to be determined by the faculty management.

Disinfectants will only be handed out at the above-mentioned locations on a 1:1 basis in exchange for the return of empty containers marked with the HU logo.



Where can masks and droplet protection walls be obtained?

Masks and droplet protection walls are issued by the Technical Department according to need and after joint examination of necessity (risk groups, organisational units with increased throughput frequency).

If required, please contact:


Are there special regulations for severely disabled persons and risk groups?

Special regulations apply to risk groups as defined by the RKI and to severely disabled persons. Flexibility on the part of all parties involved is required and, if necessary, a temporary change of workplace or the assignment of other tasks that can be done better in a home office may be considered. Employees who belong to a risk group should contact their supervisor.

The company doctors are involved in the assessment of the individual risk in connection with a workplace-specific risk assessment. Medical certificates and membership of a risk group must be observed.



Home Office

Is it still possible to work from home?

With the publication of the new service agreement on mobile working, all employees of Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin are in principle able to carry out their official work outside their usual place of work in Germany. The prerequisite is that the work can also be done on the move. The security of official business must be guaranteed at all times. Employees and their superiors agree on the arrangements together.

Find out more about mobile working on the intranet (only accessible to employees of the HU).


Quarantine & cases of illness


What quarantine obligations apply to employees?

Please observe the recommendations on isolation and quarantine in case of SARS-CoV-2 infection and exposure of the Robert Koch Institute.