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Current tasks and responsibilities

The Humboldt-Universität is in essential-only mode. All employees had to adapt to the new conditions in a very short time - naturally also the employees in the central administration. As a service, we have compiled a list of the tasks and responsibilities that can currently be performed in the individual departments and the extent to which they can be performed.


Academic Affairs (I)


All questions to the hotline are currently answered by e-mail (depending on the situation also with a time delay). Especially questions from the areas:

  • study information
  • Application
  • Approval
  • Matriculation, re-registration
  • Exmatriculation

In addition, the hotline can also be reached by telephone to a limited extent.

The processing of applications for leave and/or part-time work, notifications of pregnancy and promotion is carried out (with a time delay if necessary) by the core staff. In addition, pending matriculations and re-registrations as well as de-registrations are handled.

Service offers for the faculties (study reform, capacity planning, examination as well as basic matters of study and teaching)

The services will be maintained as far as possible, especially with regard to questions arising from the current situation.


Further information


Research Service Center (II)

The following services are provided by the DFG, third-party funding and EU teams, prioritised and predominantly in the home office:

  • Payment orders
  • Evidence and payment calls
  • Release of funds for reemployment and recruitment
  • Project facilities
  • Advice on applications for third-party funding

The following tasks are also performed:

  • All legally binding signatures
  • Contract reviews and contract negotiations with industrial partners and funding agencies
  • Advice and support for patent applications
  • Consulting and support in the field of knowledge and technology transfer as well as start-up services
  • Correspondence
  • Support of the FIS Hotline and FIS-Server


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Personnel Division (III)

The Personnel Division department processes incoming applications and inquiries in small teams on site and with the support of colleagues who are working from home: 

The Human Resources Management, Personnel Office for Pay-scale Employees, Civil Servants and the Salary Office team ensure that the emergency presence is maintained:

  • Salary payments
  • Continued employment of the temporary staff

Depending on available resources, the focus is also on inquiries and applications

  • to maintain the critical infrastructure for core university areas of emergency presence
  • to handle ongoing appointment procedures and, if possible, in preparation for the semester, with a focus on digital formats

As things stand at present, applications and inquiries beyond these core areas will only be able to be processed after the end of the essential-only mode.


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Finance Division (IV)

Allocation of budgetary resources

Once the transfer of the balance is completed, the Department will make the allocations of the 2020 budget appropriations to cover all necessary expenditure to the institutions. Should the planned appropriations not be available in exceptional cases, please send a message to:

Procedure for cash orders (across HU)

Standard procedure
The still necessary cash orders are served. However, the employees in the department need these with the original signatures and the attachments in the original or in individual cases with the marking "Original! Double payment excluded". The cash desk will ensure that these can be served promptly. In addition, decentralized parked fund requests can be processed promptly by MBS (decentralized posting).

Electronic procedure (for exceptional cases in essential-only mode)

If it is not possible to send the documents by post, it is possible in exceptional cases to process scanned complete cash register orders. These must be sent by the arranging officer with an encrypted mail to the mail address: (subject: cash desk order (6-digit OKZ of the arranging officer).

Please note:

In the electronic procedure, the respective authorising officer must validate the originals after scanning them with the note: "issued electronically" or in the case of attachments (invoices, ...) "original, replaced by scan, double payment excluded". It is not necessary to forward these documents to the cash desk, but it is: Please keep a copy of the documents validated in this form with you with your usual retention periods.

Please send any queries to


Further Informations (german only)


Technical Division (V)

The Technical Division has drawn up a duty roster which is intended to guarantee that a rotating core team in the HU buildings will provide all the technical and constructional services required for fire protection and structural maintenance of the buildings' usability - in a essential-only mode. Colleagues working who are working from home try to provide all services that are possible within the framework of the personnel and digital requirements as well as analogue processes.

Core team in the HU:

  • The budget planning is being prepared (VA2)
  • ensures the security of the buildings (VB2 )
  • cleaning - adapted to corona emergency operation - is ensured (VB2)
  • Construction project controlling (VC) largely continued
  • Mail distribution guaranteed (VF), Opening hours: Monday to Friday: 7:00 to 12:00

Home office team:

  • Contracts are processed (VA1)
  • Rents paid (VA1)
  • Area and space requirements (so that no on-site visits have to take place) determined and assessments of appeals submitted (VA3)
  • Maintain contracts with supply and disposal companies (electricity/water etc.) (VB3)
  • Maintain contracts with planners and construction companies as far as possible and allow accessibility within the framework of the orders and instructions for the construction sites - to prevent economic damage (VC)
  • the occupational health and safety department is available for advice by telephone and e-mail (VD)
  • Incoming invoices will be processed (possibly with a time delay) (VG2 / VC/ VA),
  • prerequisites for processing are delivery notes or proof of performance the central control operation (ventilation/heating/ etc.) is ensured (VF)
  • Advice for awarding contracts in the sense that, due to the current situation, at least one direct awarding procedure should be carried out for calls for tenders, with at least three tenders being requested and documentation on the awarding procedure. (VG1)

Which cannot be done at the moment:

  • Print jobs by the printing company
  • Awards
  • extended construction services, which are currently not absolutely necessary


At present, the security service is carrying out internal checks of the buildings with increased presence, including checking the presence of employees for authorisation. The department asks to be alert when entering the buildings. Due to the special situation, unauthorised persons could be present.

Emergency number of the security guard: 030/2093-2416


The cleaning companies clean the properties from about 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. in order to reduce contact between employees and cleaning staff.
Please place office waste bins in the corridor area for disposal or dispose of their contents yourself.

Sanitary facilities and public areas are cleaned particularly carefully with disinfectants. Maintenance cleaning is adapted to the number of people. 


It is not possible to carry out awarding procedures in the home office, as the technical requirements for opening offers are not met. Paper submission is currently excluded. Due to the current situation, awards are to be made by means of a private contract award with the collection of at least three offers and documentation of the award. Advice will be provided if required.

Important: In the context of activities relating to digital teaching, the Technical Department is preparing information on procurements up to a sum of EUR 1,000 and asks to refrain from individual purchases until further notice. The information will be published in the 14th week.


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International Department (VI)

All tasks are performed as far as possible in the interest of maintaining regular responsibilities.

This includes:

  • All matters relating to university partnerships, profile partnerships and BUA-funded partnerships with U Melbourne and National University of Singapore
  • ERASMUS programmes of all kinds
  • student mobility abroad within the framework of university partnerships
  • Student mobility from abroad within the framework of university partnerships
  • Foreign students in general
  • International Scholar Service

On the department website, all information on the Corona pandemic is continuously updated in line with target groups.


Further Information


Legal Department (VII)

The employees of the legal department are all located in the home office.
On Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, lawyers are on site in order to be able to take the necessary steps, especially in ongoing proceedings.
The office is currently manned on Wednesdays, in particular to ensure mail processing and control. If necessary, colleagues will also be present on site.


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Communication, Marketing and Events Department (VIII)

The colleagues of the department continue to work in all task fields and can be reached via their mail accounts.

The core team consists of the head of the department, the press spokesman and internal communications. The main focus is on the management of internal and external communication on all relevant questions concerning the emergency presence and the resulting topics for teaching and research. You can find all important information at

Questions and suggestions are welcome at Experiences from the home office and the organisation of everyday working life can be shared with all Humboldtians via #WirSindHumboldt on the social media accounts of Humboldt-Universität.


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Planning and Managment Department (IX)

The colleagues process requests mainly from working from home.

Department IX D (Vocational Management and Structural Development Planning) provides the following services, primarily and in essential-only mode:

  • Appointment negotiations
  • Processing of call acceptances
  • Preparation for taking office
  • Information and working instructions for appointment commissions in emergency situations

Contact for inquiries:

In addition, the following tasks are carried out:

  • Financial planning 2021, separation account, cost and activity accounting
  • Participation in the Humboldt project together (project management reporting and participation in the accounting project)
  • Work of the AG Change
  • preparing the content of strategic decisions of the university management

In essential-only mode, master data clearing is not regularly performed.


Further Information

University Library

Please refer to the Corona FAQ list for the offers and services of the UB in the current phase of the presence emergency operation.

The general e-mail address for inquiries to the University Library is:

Computer and media service

The colleagues of the Computer and Media Service work with maximum commitment and time on solutions for digital teaching and research as well as on the guarantee and optimisation of services for collaboration and home office.

The CMS continues to provide its IT services. Only the services with presence requirements have been temporarily suspended. These are video and audio recordings, video conferences in the CMS rooms as well as the support of media technology on the Adlershof campus and the print and scan service.

List of all tools for collaboration and home office
Further information about the CMS service


Digital teaching

bologna.lab (Department Vice President for Academic Affairs)

The bologna.lab - as part of the Task Force for Digital Teaching and with reinforcement from Department VI/International Affairs - is working flat out on the compilation of simple instructions for getting started in digital teaching, which are tailored to the registered needs and technical requirements of the HU.

Currently in progress are short instructions and - if not already available in a suitable form - short introductions to the creation of digital teaching content.

  • Jit.Si meet (open source software for video conferencing / recording of teaching videos)
  • Zoom (software for recording courses/video conferences)
  • Conversion of existing PowerPoint presentations into lectures with sound track
  • Use of Slack or Mattermost as messenger services for cooperation in scattered chair teams


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