Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

Luisenstraße 56, building 1

Humboldt Graduate School

The Humboldt Graduate School is located in a classical building at Luisenstraße 56. It is the umbrella organisation for numerous structured doctoral examination programmes at the university, ensuring a high level of quality in supervision, training, international orientation and equality for young scientists. Ludwig Ferdinand Hesse, a pupil of Karl Friedrich Schinkel, designed the building.

Luisenstraße 56, Haus 1
Figure: Bernd Prusowski

Completed in 1840, it was the teaching building for the first Prussian Veterinary College, founded in 1790. The ‘Ecole Veterinaire’ primarily served the army, researching animal diseases and training military doctors. Frederick I selected the ‘Reußschen Gärten’, at the time one of the most beautiful gardens in Berlin, as the location for the school.



Luisenstraße 56
10117 Berlin