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Berlin Graduate School for Economics and Social Sciences

International Doctoral Programs on Economics, Society, Law and Politics

The Excellence Initiative of the federal and state governments has been a catalyst in the consolidation of international graduate education in Economics, Social Sciences and Law at Humboldt-Universität. Currently, this project consists of two pillars: the "Berlin Doctoral Program for Economics and Management Science," created in 2003, which includes instructors from the Freie Universität and Technische Universität, and the "Berlin Graduate School of Social Sciences," established in 2002. With the graduate school "Multilevel Constitutionalism," these will be joined by a third legal pillar focusing on European and International Law.
In the framework of interdisciplinary doctoral programmes in economics, social sciences and law, young scholars and scientists will be given the methodological and theoretical basis to enable them to engage in independent research and produce excellent research as soon as possible, ideally within three years. Competitive international admission procedures, research-oriented instruction, modern facilities near the university, and an ensured intensive mentoring system in a working environment based on partnership between instructors and doctoral candidates will contribute to the graduates research work and enhance their career opportunities.
Within a common framework, participating disciplines and programmes will seek to create synergies, not only of a scholarly nature, but also in respect to infrastructure and organisation. Based upon several years of experience, and open to further development, the BGES will become a centre of education of the next generation of scholars in economics, social sciences, and law in Berlin. In so doing, it will profit from its close connections with university, and especially non-university, research institutes in the region, as well as from the multitude of existing contacts with the great international research universities and institutes. Located near the government quarter, the BGES will have a constant source of research subjects, as well as the consumers of their research results, within close reach.