Excellence Initiative

Institutional Strategy "The Humboldt Research School: A Unique Place for Junior Researchers"

Excellent Starting Conditions

Scientists are not given their talent for research at birth, but they do not suddenly turn into talented researchers during their doctoral studies either. With this in mind, Humboldt-Universität does not just want to start promoting talented young researchers once they enter a doctoral programme. At the Humboldt Research School, young scientists will be promoted along an academic career path, up to their appointment as Junior Professors. The goal of these efforts is to increase their contact with research and promote research independence.
By addressing the needs of young scientists and scholars, Humboldt-Universitat is bringing an issue which Germany has only sporadically addressed to the top of the agenda. The Humboldt Research School will thus become an important programme combating the much-maligned brain drain, the emigration of the most gifted young researchers and scholars to universities abroad, which have until now offered them better research conditions.
With its concept for the future, Humboldt-Universität is building on its proven strengths in promoting the next generation of scientists. The university took the lead in introducing the junior professorship and has established more junior professorships than any other German university. Humboldt-Universität is also the leader in the number of DFG Research Training Groups, Junior Research Groups, the "Own Position" programme, and the Volkswagen Foundation's Lichtenberg Professorships. With the support of the Excellence Initative, the Humboldt-Universität would like to become one of the world's most attractive universities, and thereby also become an important magnet for young researchers.