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The nationwide standardised Deutschlandsemesterticket for students was introduced for the summer semester 2024. This means that the previous semester ticket is no longer valid.


Please note: From the summer semester 2024, the Campus-Card will no longer be valid as a semester ticket and will no longer be recognised as a travel authorisation for public transport. The Campus-Card must still be validated every semester so that you have a valid student ID card to use the libraries, for example.


I have problems with the Deutschlandsemesterticket
If you have problems with your Deutschlandsemesterticket, you can contact the following address:

Ride ticketing:
Telephone: +49 211 54012410
Telephone: +49 30 25414315


Students without entitlement to the Deutschlandsemesterticket

The following groups of people are not entitled to the Deutschlandsemesterticket and are excluded from using it:

from winter semester 2024/25

  • Students on distance learning programmes

  • Students in continuing education Master's programmes

  • Students on leave of absence

in the summer semester 2024

  • Doctoral students who are not enrolled in another degree programme at HU as part of a double degree programme (e.g. Bachelor's or Master's degree programme)

  • Students in certificate, supplementary, additional and postgraduate programmes

  • Students on distance learning programmes

  • Students in continuing education Master's programmes

  • Students on leave of absence

  • Part-time students with a workload of 25%


Students with an obligation to purchase the Deutschlandsemesterticket

All students who exercise their membership rights at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin (main students) are obliged to purchase the Deutschlandsemesterticket, unless they fall into one of the above-mentioned groups. This also applies to students who have a company ticket.


Application-based exemption from the Deutschlandsemesterticket

An application-based exemption from the obligation to pay is only possible for the following student groups:

  • Severely disabled students who are entitled to transport in accordance with SGB IX and can prove that they are in possession of the supplementary sheet to their severely disabled person's ID card and the corresponding token

  • Students who can prove with a medical certificate that they are unable to use the semester ticket for health reasons

  • Students who spend at least three consecutive months of the respective semester outside the area of validity of the Deutschlandsemesterticket due to their studies, a practical semester, a semester abroad or as part of their final thesis

  • Students who are enrolled at another university in Germany and already receive the Deutschlandsemesterticket via this university

Applications for exemption from the purchase obligation can be submitted informally to the Enrolment Office up to four weeks after the start of lectures in the respective semester. In order to receive the exemption from the semester ticket price for the entire semester, applications for exemption from the purchase obligation must be submitted in good time, enclosing the relevant evidence, so that they can be processed before the start of the respective semester. For applications for exemption received after the start of the semester, only a pro rata refund of the semester ticket price for full unused months can be made.


How do I get the Deutschlandsemesterticket?
The Deutschlandsemesterticket is only available in digital form as a wallet or web ticket. In the event of a ticket inspection, the digital Deutschlandsemesterticket must be presented together with a valid, official photo ID (e.g. identity card).

Authorised students can obtain the Deutschlandsemesterticket via the AGNES-portal. After logging in with the student HU account, the menu item "Deutschlandsemesterticket" under "Student Service" shows whether the Deutschlandsemesterticket can be used. If this is the case, you will also find the link to RIDEcampus, the service provider of Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe for the provision of the Deutschlandsemesterticket.


Can I take my dog and my bike with me?
It is only possible to take a dog with you in the VBB fare zone. The Deutschlandsemesterticket does not include bicycle transport.


I have further questions, who can I contact?
The contractual partner of Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe for the Deutschlandsemesterticket is the constituted student body, represented by the Referent_innenrat (legally AStA). Answers to further questions can be found in the FAQ about Deutschlandsemesterticket.
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