Excellence Initiative

Graduate School for Humanities

A Berlin Resource: The Humanities

At the Berlin University, the fields which we today call the humanities achieved a high level of development. Over time, an entire family of fields of study arose which concerned themselves with cultural activities or with works of the human spirit, such as literature, art and language, and which investigated their relevance for humanity self-image. For a long time, the most important impulses for the development and differentiation of the humanities were arose at the location on Unter den Linden and radiated across the world. Because of this historical importance, Humboldt-Universität is now internationally recognised as a classical location for education in these fields. The attractiveness of Humboldt-Universität for young researchers in the humanities is evidenced by the constantly increasing interest in the university by international doctoral students.
Humboldt-Universität sees this tradition as a resource, which it would like to better exploit in the future. To attract the best international applicants and to better utilise the common interests and methods of the various fields of the humanities, the Graduate School for the Humanities will be created for the interdisciplinary education of leading doctoral candidates. Selected candidates will have the opportunity to enrol in one of the focus areas of Art and Culture, History, Language, Literature, Philosophy, or Religion. In addition, cross-disciplinary programme Antiquity will be offered, in which graduates will be able to pursue their research in the footsteps of the Berlin great scholars of antiquity, such as August Boeckh or Ulrich von Wilamowitz-Moellendorff.