Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

Facts and Figures

A selection of data concerning Humboldt-Universität. More detailed information (some only available in German) can be obtained from the links given.



9 faculties

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34,752 students (excluding Charité)

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171 degree courses

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1 Clusters of Excellence Exzellenzstrategie


3 Clusters of Excellence Exzellenzstrategie


5 Collaborative Research Centres


11 Collaborative Research Centres


5 (International) Research Training Groups


7 (International) Research Training Groups


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Cooperation projects 77 special professorships

7 endowed chairs and professorships

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Academic staff

518 professorships

2,326 lectureships and research assistantships

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Budget € 492,141 thousand proceeds



Organisation / Facilities

Facility   Number More informations
Faculties   9 Details
Central Institutes   5 Details
Central Units   5 Details
Interdisciplinary Centres   9 Details
Integrative Research Institutes   4 Details

As of May 2021


(excluding Charité)
Total 34,752




of total: female students


of total: international students


As of summer term 2023


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Student statistics (archive)



Berlin School of Medicine, Charité

Total 8,921

Berlin School of Medicine, Charité



of total: enrolled at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin


of total: enrolled at Freie Universität Berlin



As of winter term 2021/22



Degree courses

Degree courses (overall) 171

Bachelor courses (excluding secondary subjects)


Consecutive Master courses 71

Courses leading to teaching position


Postgraduate and Certificate Studies 9
Diploma courses 1
regimented courses leading to a degree approved by the state or the church 2

As of summer term 2021


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Current courses


Research and young researchers

Funding program DFG Participation Number Details
Cluster of Excellence Exzellenzstrategie Coordinator
(without Charité)
1 Details
Cluster of Excellence Exzellenzstrategie Participation 3 Details
Collaborative Research Centres Coordinator 5 Details
Participation 11 Details
DFG-Research Units Coordinator 4 Details
Participation 19 Details
DFG-Centre-Research Units Coordinator 1 Details
Participation 5 Details
Emmy Noether-Younior Research Groups 19 Details
(International) Research Training Groups Coordinator 5 Details
Participation 7 Details


Further funding program Participation Number Details
Alexander von Humboldt-Professuren   2 Details
Einstein Profil-Professuren   2 Details
Einstein Visiting Fellowships   7 Details
Einstein Zentren Participation 6 Details
BMBF-Yunior Research Groups 6 Details
Foundation-Yunior Research Groups 3 Details


Funding program EU   Number Details
EU-funding collobrative project 32 Details
ERC Starting Grants   4 Details
ERC Consolidator Grants   8 Details
ERC Advanced Grants   5 Details
ERC Synergy Grants   2 Details
ERC Proof of Concept 1  
Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions Innovative Trainings Networks 10  
Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions Individual Fellowships 8  

As of January 2022

Cooperation projects

Type of cooperation   Number Details
Associated institutes 7 Details
Endowed chairs and professorships 14 Details
Endowed visiting professorships 7 Details
Special professorships (S-Professuren) 77 Details

As of December 2020


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Cooperation projects



Employees lecturers and research assistants (Mittelbau) 2,326
Ancillary staff 2,052
Student assistants 1,597
(including emeritus professorships)
budget finance
overall 518
of total:
female professors

As of 31 December 2021


Note: Numbers given relate to persons employed (not necessarily on full-time contracts); they do not consider staff employed by Charité, Berlin School of Medicine.

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University budget

Proceeds 2021 €492,141  thousand
of total: government funding € 378,782,0 thousand
of total: third-party funds € 113,359,0 thousand

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