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You have successfully completed your studies or would like to end them for other reasons and leave Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin? By de-registrating (exmatriculating), you officially end your membership at our university. Please inform yourself about the consequences on this overview page and submit any queries to the Enrollment Office via the contact form.

The student's membership at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin ends upon exmatriculation or, in the case of temporary or provisional enrollment, upon expiration of the term or occurrence of the event. It can take place upon application by the student or ex officio (see also sections 128-130 Fächerübergreifende Satzung zur Regelung von Zulassung, Studium und Prüfung der Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin).

Attention: If you are aiming for exmatriculation at the end of or during the summer semester 2022 and you have a valid semester ticket for the summer semester 2022 (this must not have been refunded to you by the RefRat), then an overpayment amount based on the 9 Euro - ticket of up to 69,90 € will be automatically refunded to the account of your last contribution payment - probably in the middle of November 2022. You do not need to apply for a refund of the 9 € ticket.

How does the de-registration take place?
I. Exmatriculation based on application
With the application for exmatriculation you can exmatriculate at your own request. To do so, please fill out the linked application, sign it and submit it via the contact form, by mail or via the mailbox of the Student Service Center (SSC) in the Enrollment Office.
This applies if you 
  • have successfully completed your studies, or
  • *have completed all course work* and are able to take the outstanding examinations within one year of de-registration[1].
  • wish to continue your studies at another university (change of university / lateral entry),
  • or wish to discontinue their studies altogether.

[1] The Department of Studies explicitly does not recommend using the option according to § 100 para. 4 in connection with § 130 ZSP-HU. Keep in mind that after exmatriculation you will no longer have access to central facilities that require HU affiliation (including the university library). Also, the HU account will no longer be available to you one month after exmatriculation, so access to electronic systems will no longer be available (e.g. Moodle). We would like to point out that even if only the submission of the final thesis is outstanding, an individually disadvantageous situation can occur (repeat examination, expiry of the study and examination regulations). Therefore, you should always seek advice from your examination office in advance before exmatriculating.

Please take into account that exmatriculation can take place at the earliest upon receipt of your application for exmatriculation at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin or with effect for the future in the current semester. Retroactive exmatriculation is excluded.
If your Campus Card remains valid in the period after the exmatriculation date, you must also enclose your Campus Card with your application so that the semester ticket fee can be reimbursed for full unused months from the exmatriculation date. Please also note that once you have re-registered for the next semester, the re-registration fee (currently in the amount of 50 EUR) and, if applicable, the late fee cannot be refunded.
Note: If you want to interrupt or pause your studies, please inform yourself about the conditions of a semester off. We recommend the events and counseling services offered by the Student Advisory Service in case of doubts about your studies.
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