Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

Dorotheenstraße 26

This building with a Baroque-style sandstone facade was built in 1903-04 to serve as Berlin’s Chamber of Commerce. The five-axis main facade on Dorotheenstraße, slightly higher thanks to the hall on the third floor, was crowned with larger-than-life-size recumbent figures on the balcony of the lavish central portal. The building has been used by the university since 1946 and was renovated in 1950.

Dorotheenstraße 26
Figure: Maria Friedrich

Today it is home to the Department of Library and Information Science (IBI) at Dorotheenstraße 26. The IBI is the only university department in the German-speaking world to offer studies, doctoral and professorial teaching qualification courses in the field of Library and Information Science.


Department of Library and Information Science


Dorotheenstraße 26
10117 Berlin