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Academic calendars and deadlines
Academic Council
Administration of Third-Party-Funds - Brochure
Administrative bodies and committees
Admission forms
Admission requirements
Adlershof Campus
Administrative bodies
African Studies, Department of Asian and
AGNES - online registration for examinations
Agricultural and Horticultural Sciences, Albrecht Daniel Thaer-Institute of
American Studies, Department of English and 
Animal welfare
Application procedures
Arboretum (available in German only)
Archaeology, Department of
Archive of Animal Sounds (Museum of Natural History, Berlin)
Art and Visual History, Department of
Arts and Humanities, Faculty of
Asian and African Studies, Department of
Assistance for Postdocs
Associated / affiliated institutes of Humboldt-Universität
Audio-visual library (Mediothek)
August-Boeckh-Antikezentrum (available in German only)


Bank accounts of Humboldt-Universität (available in German only)
Berlin-Brandenburg School for Regenerative Therapies
Berlin Graduate School of Ancient Studies (available in German only)
Berlin Mathematical School
Berlin School of Mind and Brain
Berlin Graduate School of Social Sciences (BGSS)
Berlin Sound Archive
Berlin's Higher Education Act (available in German only)
Biology, Department of
Blogs at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
Board of Students (available in German only)
Board of Trustees according to the Humboldt-Universität's Constitution
bologna.lab (available in German only)
British Studies, Centre for
Business Administration, Faculty of Economics and
Business cards (available in German only)
Business start-ups (available in German only)


Cafés for students (available in German only)
Cafeterias and restaurants for students (available in German only)
Calendar of events
Campus Adlershof
Campus locations
Canteens (available in German only)
Cappella academica (available in German only)
Career Center (available in German only)
Center for Applied Statistics and Economics (CASE)
Center of Computational Sciences Adlershof (CCSA) (available in German only)
Center of Infection Biology and Immunity (ZIBI)
Centre for Transdisciplinary Gender Studies
Central Information System (ZIS-HU) (for HU staff)
Central institutes
Central units
Centre for British Studies
Chamber choir of Humboldt-Universität (available in German only)
Changing University
Change of subject
Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin
Chemistry, Department of
Child(ren), studying with (available in German only)
Children's University of Humboldt-Universität
Classical Philology, Department of
Clearinghouse (available in German only)
Collaborative Research Centres
Collegiate sports (available in German only)
Commission for the Investigation of Academic Irregularities
Commissions of the University Senate
Committed support
Committees and Representatives
Compass. The Central Information Service
Company physicians
Computer and Media Service (available in German only)
Computer Science, Department of
Computer service hotline (for HU staff; available in German only)
Computing policies and regulations at Humboldt-Universität (available in German only)
Constitution of Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin (PDF) (available in German only)
Corporate Design (available in German only)
Course catalogue (available in German only)
Courses of study
Cultural History and Theory, Department of
Customs officer


Department of Archaeology
Department of Art und Visual History
Department of Asian and African Studies
Department of Biology
Department of Chemistry
Department of Classical Philology
Department of Computer Science
Department of Cultural History and Theory
Department of Education Studies
Department of English and American Studies
Department of European Ethnology
Department of Geography
Department of German Literature
Department of German Studies and Linguistics
Department of History
Department of Library and Information Science
Department of Mathematics
Department of Musicology and Media Studies
Department of Northern European Studies
Department of Philosophy
Department of Physics
Department of Psychology
Department of Rehabilitation Sciences
Department of Romance Literatures and Linguistics
Department of Slavic Studies
Department of Social Sciences
Department of Sports Sciences
Departmental student governments
Departments and faculties
Design (available in German only)
DFG Research Units
Dictionary English-German / German-English (for HU staff)
Directions (How to get to Humboldt-Universität)
Doctoral Candidates' Portal
Doctoral regulations (available in German only)
Doctoral programs
Doctoral students network (HU-Docs)
Doctors, contact (available in German only)
Document and publication server (available in German only)


Economics and Business Administration, Faculty of
Education Studies, Department of
E-learning and communication platform Moodle
Elections (available in German only)
Electronic forms (for HU staff; available in German only)
Electronic publications (document server of the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin)
Email (available in German only)
Email account - application (available in German only)
Endowment professors
English and American Studies, Department of
English-German Glossary (for HU staff)
Enrolling as a Doctoral Candidate
Enrolment Office
Enrolment forms
Entrepreneurs (available in German only)
ERASMUS (for international students)
ERASMUS (for students of Humboldt-Universität)
Erwin-Schrödinger-Zentrum (available in German only)
EU Research Funding (available in German only)
European Ethnology, Department of
Examination regulations (available in German only)
Exam nerves (available in German only)
Excellence Initiative
Excursions (available in German only)
Experts database (for media representatives)


Facts and figures
Faculties and departments
Faculty of Arts and Humanities
Faculty of Language, Literature and Humanities
Faculty of Economics and Business Administration
Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
Faculty of Law
Faculty of Life Sciences
Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences
Faculty of Theology
Family-friendly university (available in German only)
FAMOS Interkulturell (intercultural trainings)
Fellows of 1933
Forms (for HU staff; available in German only)
Frequently asked questions
Funding information
Funding of Doctoral Studies
Fundraising and Friendraising
Further training (for HU staff; available in German only)


Gender Studies, Centre for Transdisciplinary
Gender as a Category of Knowledge (Graduate Research Group)
General facts regarding Humboldt-Universität
General Students' Committee (available in German only)
Geography, Department of
Georg-Simmel Center for Metropolitan Studies
German intensive courses (German as a Foreign Language / HU German Language

German intensive courses (ERASMUS+, university partnership programs, study

German language courses
German Literature, Department of
German Studies and Linguistics, Department of
Giving to Humboldt-Universität
Glossary English-German / German-English (for HU staff)
Going Abroad
Governing bodies and representatives
Governing Bodies' Office
Graduate School of Ancient Philosophy
Graduate Schools
Grimm Library
Guest students
Guesthouse (for invited guests of Humboldt-Universität)
Guests (available in German only)
Guide for international students
Guided tours through Humboldt-Universität


Habilitation regulations
Handicapped students
Health insurance for visiting scholars
Helmholtz lectures (available in German only)
Hermann von Helmholtz Centre for Cultural Techniques (available in German only)
Higher Eduction Act, Berlin
Historic Commission of the Constituted Student Body (available in German only)
Historic people
Historical and Art Collections
History of Humboldt-Universität
History, Department of
Hotels (for HU staff; available in German only)
Hotline (Compass)
House rules (PDF; available in German only)
How to get to Humboldt-Universität
HU Account (available in German only)
HU International
HU Logo (available in German only)
HU Wissen - Humboldt's research magazine
Humanities and Social Sciences, Faculty of
HUMBOLDT - Humboldt-Universität's newspaper (available in German only)
Humboldt & Business
Humboldt-Forum Wirtschaft e.V.
Humboldt Graduate School
Humboldt-Innovation GmbH
Humboldt Offices Abroad
Humboldt speeches on Europe (available in German only)
HumboldtStore (available in German only)
Humboldt-Universität's prominent and historic people
Humboldt-Universitäts-Gesellschaft e.V. (HUG) (available in German only)
Humboldt Center for Modern Optics
HUWISU - Humboldt Winter and Summer University


Image requests (available in German only)
Info Point (available in German only)
Information for visitors (available in German only)
Information for Prospective Students
Information system (ZIS-HU) (for HU staff)
Information week for prospective students
In-house doctors, contact (available in German only)
Institution Organisation
Integrative Research Institute for the Sciences (IRIS), Campus Adlershof
Integrative research institutes
Interdisciplinary Centres
Interdisciplinary Centre for Educational Research
International Affairs
International Club "Orbis Humboldtianus"
International doctoral programs
International Humboldt Graduate School
International Office
International Scholar Services (ISS)
International Strategy Office
International students - visa service
International researchers
Invitation letter for international researchers to
apply for a visa

IRI for the Life Sciences, Campus Nord
IRIS Adlershof
IRI THESys - The Great Transformations of Human-Environmental Systems


Job advertisements at Humboldt-Universität (available in German only)
Job portal for students
Joint professorships
Junior professorships
Junior research groups


Knowledge transfer / Patents
KOSMOS Summer University


Language Centre
Language courses
Language exchange market
Language partnership / Language exchange market
Law, Faculty of
Learning and working techniques (available in German only)
Lecture periods
Lectures and seminars - AGNES
Legal Department
Leibniz Prize Winners
Letterhead template (available in German only)
Library and Information Service, Department of
Life Sciences, Faculty of
Logo of Humboldt-Universität (available in German only)
Lost property


Mail readers (available in German only)
Master's program in Economics and Management Science
Mathematics, Department of (available in German only)
Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Faculty of
Matriculation Office (available in German only)
Media Commission of the University Senate (available in German only)
Media Studies, Department of Musicology and
Medicine (Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin)
Mediothek (audio-visual library)
Mensa menus
Mentoring programme "Studis4Studis"
Merchandising - HumboldtStore (available in German only)
Mission Statement
Model contracts for research visits
Model contracts for academic services

Moodle (E-learning and communication platform) (available in German only)
Mori Ôgai Memorial (available in German and Japanese)
Multimedia at the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin (available in German only)
Multimedia services (available in German only)
Multimedia Teaching and Learning Center (available in German only)
Museum für Naturkunde (Museum of Natural History)
Music at Humboldt-Universität (available in German only)
Musicology and Media Studies, Department of


Nobel Prize winners
Northern European Studies, Department of
Numerus Clausus (available in German only)


Online registration for examinations - AGNES (available in German only)
Organisation chart of Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
Organizational reference numbers (OKZ) (available in German only)
Orientation week for prospective students
Outpatient Clinic for Psychotherapy (available in German only)


Password change (available in German only)
Patents / Knowledge transfer
PhD regulations (available in German only)
Philosophy, Department of
Photo requests (available in German only)
Physics, Department of
Picture service (available in German only)
Postal service (available in German only)
Postdocs, Assistance for
Postdoctoral qualification regulations
Postdoc Portal
President's Office
Press and Public Relations Office
Press portal
Press releases (available in German only)
Primus Gateway
Professional School of Education (PSE)
Prominent people
Psychological Counselling
Psychology, Department of
Psychotherapy, Outpatient Clinic for (available in German only)
Public lectures - transcripts (available in German only)


Quality Management Office (available in German only)


Refectories (available in German only)
ReferentInnenrat (RefRat) - General Students' Committee
Registration procedure / Admission requirements
Regulations for the Qualification to teach at professional level
Rehabilitation Sciences, Department of
Representatives (available in German only)
Research Data Base (HU-FIS)
Research evaluation
Research Funding Information
Research prizes
Research Service Centre
Research Training Groups
Research Units (DFG)
Residence permit for doctoral candidates and researchers
Residence permit for students
Rhoda Erdmann House (building)
Romance Literatures and Linguistics, Department of


Scandinavian Studies, Department of
School portal (available in German only)
School of Analytical Sciences Adlershof
School of Business and Economics
Scientific Advisory Board
Scientific collections of Humboldt-Universität (available in German only)
Scientific further training (available in German only)
Searching within the Humboldt-Universität’s websites
Semesterticket (student season ticket)
Seminars and lectures - AGNES (available in German only)
Service Center for further education (available in German only)
Shop - HumboldtStore (available in German only)
Slavic Studies, Department of
Social Sciences, Department of
Software services (for HU students and staff; available in German only)
Sound Archive
Special Professorships (S-Professors)
Sports (available in German only)
Sports Sciences, Department of
Staff - contacts (for HU staff)
Start-ups (available in German only)
Strategic Planning Office
Student cafés (available in German only)
Student Clearinghouse (available in German only)
Student Council (available in German only)
Student counselling and examination boards (available in German only)
Student governments
Student Governments Assembly (FRIV)
Student job market (practical training, diploma papers, internships, jobs)
Student Office
Student Parliament (available in German only)
Student portal
Student Registration Office (available in German only)
Student restaurants (available in German only)
Student Service Center (SSC)
Student Workers' Council (available in German only)
Studis4Studis (mentoring programme)
Study programmes
Study regulations (available in German only)
Study and field trips (available in German only)
Studying at Humboldt-Universität
Studying with Disabilities
Studying with child(ren) (available in German only)
Summer University (HUWISU)


Teacher training
Teacher training programme
Technical Division (available in German only)
Telephone directory (HU staff and institutions)
Template letterhead (available in German only)
Textbook collection (available in German only)
Theology, Faculty of
Training for HU staff (available in German only)
TransAtlantic Masters Program
Transcripts of public lectures (available in German only)
Transfer of knowledge / Patents
Translation Glossary English-German / German-English (for HU staff)
Travel Section (available in German only)


UnAufgefordert - Humboldt-Universität's student magazine (available in German only)
University archives
University collections and the Humboldt-Forum
University doctors, contact (available in German only)
University document and publication server (available in German only)
University Library
University partnerships
University Senate
University sport (available in German only)
University time schedule
User support desk, unit of the Computer and Media Service (available in German only)
User accounts (for HU staff; available in German only)


Visa service for doctoral candidates and researchers
Visa service for international students
Visiting scholars
Vocational training (for HU staff; available in German only)


WebMail (available in German only)
Website hosting (available in German only)
Welcome Centre
Wilhelm von Humboldt
Winter University (HUWISU)
Withdrawal from the University


Young researchers at Humboldt-Universität
ZE Language Centre
ZERTIKO - Certificate for Intercultural Competence