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Change of address and name

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On this website you will find information how you can change your personal details (first name, last name, gender entry) and update your address.

Students must immediately report any changes to their personal data recorded during enrollment. This primarily concerns changing address or name to ensure that important official documents reach the intended recipient.


Change of adress

Please use the self-service in the AGNES portal: The easiest way is to change your address yourself. After logging in with your student HU account, use the "Change address" link in the menu on the left under "Administration" and confirm the updated information with a TAN.

If you have not yet received a TAN list or have lost your list, please follow the instructions in AGNES under the menu item "TAN administration". You will need the TAN list for register for and deregister from exams, among other things.

If you are enrolled as an unternational program student (e.g. via Erasmus program) please contact the Welcome Centre at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin by e-mail:


Official change of surname

If you want to change your surname (e.g. due to marriage/partnership, adoption, divorce, change of marital status or necessary correction) please call up the contact form and select the entry "Change first name, last name, nationality" under "Subject of your request". Please request the change of your last name and attach a digital copy of an official evidence (e.g. marriage certificate, ID card, court order, etc.).

Please note that your old Campus Card will lose its validity as a result of the change. After the change has been made, you will automatically be provided with a QR code for a new Campus Card in the AGNES portal under the menu point "Student ID" (“Studierendenausweis”). After the new ID has been validated, please put your old Campus Card into the mailbox of the Student Service Center (SSC) in the main building.

After your personal data have been updated, the changed name will be used on all certificates and in the documents issued by Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. This includes the Campus Card, all electronic systems and internal university communication.

If you would like to change your e-mail address or your student HU account, please contact the CMS user support after you have made the change.

If you are already de-registered and have already received your degree documents, you can apply for a new copy after a judicial change of first name in accordance with §§ 1, 8 Transsexuellengesetz (TSG). Please contact the Examination Service department by email with your request and the required evidence in order to initiate the next steps.

In particular, we endeavor to implement changes in civil status in a respectful and confidential manner in order to avoid unpleasant situations and misunderstandings. If this does not succeed in each individual case, especially in documents that have already been issued and systems that are not connected, we ask that you notify the head of the Student Services department.


Entry of the self-chosen or lived first name


To support gender equality for inter*, trans* and non-binary students, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin offers the option of using a first name that differs from your official first name. Your self-chosen first name is entered in the database so that only your chosen first name appears in the connected internal systems, including in particular the AGNES portal, the teaching and learning management system Moodle and the video conference service HU-Zoom. Other HU services that you may use need to be adjusted manually upon request. The CMS user support will be happy to provide you with detailed information and help you.

Submit your request via the contact form, select the entry "Change first name, last name, nationality" under "Subject of your request". Please attach as a proof a digital copy of the supplementary ID/ Ergänzungsausweises der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Transidentität und Intersexualität (DGTI) e.V. (front and back side).

After the self-chosen first name has been entered, you will receive a QR code so that you can receive a new student ID (campus card). Instructions on how to create a new or (replacement) Campus-Card can be found on this website. Please note that the campus card you have been using up to now with the official name will become invalid. Therefore, we ask you to put the old Campus-Card in the mailbox of the Student Service Center after creating and activating the new student ID. If you use the payment function of the Studierendenwerk, have your balance transferred to the new card. Also indicate to the University Library that you have received a new card so that the UB functions can be transferred.  
In the student portal AGNES, you can download certificates such as the study and matriculation certificate with both your official and self-selected name in self-service under the menupoint "certificates". 


Alignment of gender entry

You can request a change of the gender entry in the student data base. You can choose between the options female, male, diverse and no entry. Please call up the contact form and select the entry "Change first name, last name, nationality" under "Subject of your request". Please request the change of the gender entry and attach a digital copy of appropriate proof, e.g. your personal ID card or birth certificate.

General note: Gender-neutral formulations are used in documents and notifications sent by the study department of Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. With this measure, we are striving for equal participation of the diverse gender identities in everyday university life. The entry itself has no external impact because all internal university systems are designed to be gender-neutral. Nevertheless, the students should be addressed in everyday university life as far as possible according to their lived identity. The mission statement of the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin as well as information on advice and support offers can be found on the homepage on the topic of diversity.


Change of nationality information

Please call up the contact form and select the entry "Change first name, last name, nationality" under "Subject of your request". Please request to update or to add a second citizenship and attach a digital copy of an official proof (e.g. passport).


Information according to EU-DSGVO


When contacting facilities of the study department, personal data are partly collected and processed. The processing of personal data, such as the name, address, e-mail address, or telephone number shall always be in line with the General Data Protection Regulation (EU-DSGVO) and in accordance with the Berlin Data Protection Act (BlnDSG). Further information on this, your rights and options can be found at